Protruded Mouth

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What is DA Protruded Mouth Surgery?

Protruding mouth surgery involves pushing back only the
front teeth and gum bone compared to double jaw surgery
which simultaneously moves both upper and lower jaw bone.

DA Protruded mouth surgery accurately analyze the difference
between double jaw and protruded mouth surgery cases and
perform accurate surgeries that are suitable for each individual.

Two Jaw Surgery vs Protruded Mouth Surgery

What surgery is more suitable for my case?

If protruded mouth surgery is performed on patients that need two jaw surgery side effects
just as an elongated face or face with a larger lower jaw can occur. As a result, correct
surgical methods must be performed on each individual.

Classification Two Jaw Surgery Protruded Mouth Surgery
Incision site
Surgical Method
  • Surgery on both maxillary +
    mandibular jaw bones
  • Cut out the protruding front gums and teeth and push them back to fix them.
Suitable for
  • Protrusion both on mouth and jaw
  • Long face with protruded mouth
  • Only mouth is protruded
  • Protruded mouth but face is not long
  • Case braces is not sufficient enough
  • Can improve overall facial length
  • Can improve facial asymmetry
  • Jaw fixation after surgery is not needed
  • Fast Recovery

DA Protruded Mouth Surgery key points


Precise cause identification

Accurately and precisely identify the cause of the protruded mouth
to select the most suitable surgical method


Relative small surgical area

It is a surgery in which only the front teeth and the front gums are pushed
back without having to cut the jawbone itself. So operation time
and recovery time is shorter than two jaw surgery.

Mouth Surgery
Two Jaw Surgery

Prevent Overcorrection

Surgical plan are established before the surgery after thorough analysis using most advanced equipment
and overcorrection is prevented through the surgeon’s experience and know-how .

Perfect harmony of upper and lower jaw bone relocation and fixation!

DA Protrude Mouth surgery method
Teeth Extraction

Precisely measures relocation
distant after teeth extraction and
perform bone cutting process

Bone Relocation

Relocate protruded gum bone
and teeth backwards

Beautiful Mouth Complete

Beautiful mouth without
overcorrection is completed

DA Protruded Mouth Surgery is recommended for those who have

  1. Teeth and gum are protruded
  2. Protruded Mouth but does not
    have a long facial shape
  3. No effects shown from braces

DA Protruded Mouth Surgery

*the cases below are the real DA patient’s before and after X-ray.

  • CASE 01
    Osseocutaneous flap extension
    AFTER 6 months
  • CASE 02
    Protruded Mouth Surgery
    AFTER 6 months

The reason why DA Protruded Mouth Surgery is different

  1. 01
    Accurate diagnosis
    and operation
    Joint treatment between the
    plastic surgeon, orthodontist,
    and anesthesiologist for accurate
    analysis and set a detailed
    surgical plan.
  2. 02
    Plastic Surgeon
    Responsible Surgery
    Surgery performed by a
    plastic surgeon with various
    clinical experiences and
    advanced know-how for
    each case
  3. 03
    Continuous research
    on facial contouring
    Continuous academic activities
    and research on new surgical
    methods for facial contouring
  4. 04
    Systematic post-operation
    management system
    A Systematic post-operation
    management system that
    efficiently deals with swelling,
    pain, and recovery of each