Clients Service

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International Clients Service

  • Pre-consultation Service
    Pre-consultation regarding surgery area, estimated price, operation time, recovery time, hospitalization, visit, and reservation
  • Reservation Service
    Reservation for consultation and operation on the most convenient day for the patients
    Provide help with reservation for nearby hotels and pick-up service
  • Consultation
    Appointment with consultant and specialized plastic surgeon
    Well-trained interpreters on standby
  • Operation
    Operation proceeds after the confirming the surgery area and signing the consent of operation
  • Post-operative Care Service
    Provide various post-operative care systems (Instructions on medication, sleeping position, etc.)
    Reservation for post-operative treatment
    Provide post-operative care interpretation
  • Receipt for tax refund

    (Passport required)
    at the airport upon your departure

  • Transportation

    Limousine sevice -
    Airport pick up and drop off

  • Online Consultation

  • Interpretations in
    various languages

    (Chinese, English, Japanese, Thai, Mongolian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Russian)