Why is DA incision eye surgery so natural?

Premium Incision
Double Eye Lid Surgery

#No more #Sausage eye #In-out double eye lid line

DA Premium Incision Double Eye Lid Surgery
is recommended for

  1. case
    Those who have
    thick eye lid skin
    and muscle
  2. case
    Those who have
    excessive fat and
    droopy eyelids
  3. case
    Those who need to
    remove loose tissue
    or fat on the eyelid
  4. case
    Those who
    want a significant
    surgery result
  5. case
    Those who need a
    revision surgery for
    more clear line

What is DA Premium Incision
Double Eye Lid Surgery?

DA’s premium incision double eyelid surgery is a surgical method
in which an incision is made by attaching the fascia to the incision line
to remove droopy eyelids, excessive muscles and fat layer to create
a bright and clear double eyelid line.

DA premium incision double eyelid surgery is capable of
creating various double eyelid lines shape than the
non-incision method. It is especially effective for those who
have droopy eyelids or thick skin, excessive muscle, and fat layer.

DA Premium incision double eyelid surgery will remove excess
fat from the thick eyelid and create less stuffy and thick looking
eye and reduce the risk of reoccurrence of a droopy eye.

DA Premium Incision Surgical Method

  1. 01

    Before surgery

  2. 02

    Design an eye line,
    then make an incision
    on the eyelid

  3. 03

    Remove excessive
    muscles, fat and tissues

  4. 04

    Connect the muscles used
    for opening eyelids with the skin
    to create a double eyelid line

  5. 05


DA Premium Incision
Double Eyelid surgery

  1. 01 Natural like non-incision surgery

    With years of experiences and technique of our plastic
    surgeon, it is possible to create an eye line that looks as

  2. 02 Permanent effect

    With incision surgery, the effect will be permanent and
    the reoccurrence of the droopy eyelid is minimized.

  3. 03 Clear and distinct line

    Remove droopy skin, muscle, and fat to create
    a clear and distinct eye line.

  4. 04 Can create various designs

    Whether it is Inline, Outline, or In-Outline, various double eyelid
    lines can be created and suitable for revision surgery as well.

#No more #Sausage eye #In-out double eye lid line

Premium Incision
Double Eye Lid Surgery

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