No More Puffy Eyebags!
With Diaphragm Strengthening
Find Your Beauty
Without Recurrence

Fat Repositioning

Look Very Tired and Dull
Under Eye Fat is the Cause

If you are concerned about dark eyebags, the distribution of the fat may be the problem
Improve your features to bright and clear by repositioning the fat smoothly

When Should I Consider Fat Repositioning?
CHECK Your Eyebags!

  • The Fat Under the Eyes Are Protruding
  • The Dark Circles Gives A Tired Looking Image
  • The Sunken Eyebags Creates Dark Shadows
  • When Smiling, the Love Band Becomes Bumpy
  • The Eyebags Looks Sagging

Bumpy to Smooth! Dark to Bright!
DA Under Eye Fat Repositioning

What If My Love Band
After the
Fat Repositioning?

Don’t Worry! When Preforming the
Fat Reposition Surgery
The Love Band (Aegyosal)
Stays the Same

By Preserving and
Considering Your Image
A Beautiful Love Band is Formed

DA Under Eye Fat Repositioning
Surgery Method

Smoothen Out the Bumpiness With Long Duration
Recurrence Prevention Essential Point!

  • Enlarged and Weakened
    Orbital Diaphragm
  • Tightly Fixed Eye Septum After
    Fat Repositioning

The intraocular diaphragm is a membrane that surrounds and supports
the fat tissue under the eye, and if the membrane is loose and loses
strength, the fat under the eye can sag and come out of shape.
Therefore it is important to fix and strengthen the intraocular
diaphragm during fat repositioning surgery

DA’s Specialized Under Eye Fat Repositioning!

Bulging Eyes to Smoothly Firm and Pretty!
Postponing Only Delays the Time to Be Pretty!

Want to be pretty let's get it from DA!