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Drippy & Sleepy Eyes
Giving clear and brighter eyes with

Ptosis Correction

What is Ptosis Correction?

Ptosis correction is a surgery that corrects blepharoptosis, which
brings up the eyelids that covers the pupils and makes the sleepy
and tired eyes brighter and bigger

If the eyelid muscles are weak to open the eyes, the pupils are often
covered by the eyelids. This surgery can effectively improve the ptosis
symptoms, increases the amount of exposure of the covered pupils,
and prevents forehead wrinkles. It is a surgical procedure that is functionally
and esthetically satisfied

What is Blepharoptosis?

A condition in which the muscle that lifts the eyelids (upper eyelid muscle) is
weakened, making it impossible to open the eyes normally. The eyelid tends
to cover a lot of the pupils.

Showing 70% of pupil

Maybe I have Blepharoptosis?

Blepharoptosis self-diagnosis Checklist

  • If you have blepharoptosis, the pupil is covered by the eyelid when you open your eyes
  • Using forehead muscles and eyebrows are raised while opening the eyes
  • Stiff sight when looking straight ahead
  • Eyes that look sleepy and tired

Can I only do double eyelid
surgery if you have bleparoptosis?

  • Surgery Only With Double Eyelid Eyes with double eyelid lines that
    appear unnaturally thick and small
    when ptosis is not improved
  • Double Eyelid Surgery + Ptosis Correction 80%-90% of pupils are exposed to
    complete clear and brighter eyes with ptosis
    improvement and at the same time

The degree of exposure of the eyes depends on whether or
not eye correction is performed, and it can be seen as a
clearer and clearer eye shape during combined surgery.

DA’s Ptosis Corrections are Different!

80%-90% of pupil exposure completes pretty eyes that suit my face the most!♥

DA’s Ptosis Correction

Incision vs Non-Incision What’s the Right Method For Me?

  • Suitable for all cases
  • Eyelid fat can be removed
  • Severe ptosis can be corrected
  • Revision is possible
  • Minor scars may occur
  • Suitable for thin eyelids
  • Almost impossible to remove fat
  • Severe ptosis cannot be corrected
  • Revision is possible if the eyelids are thin
  • Scars that are barely noticeable

DA’s Ptosis Correction Surgery Methods

DA’s Ptosis Correction

  • Correct sleepy eyes
    by strengthens power
    to open the eyes
    As the image of the eyes determines the image of the entire face, the eye shape is harmonious with my image.
  • Naturally Brighter
    By accurately analyzing the proportion, length, and harmony of each person's face, beautiful eye lines that best match their image are implemented by combining various surgical methods to complete a natural and clear
    eye line
  • Almost No Scars The surgery is performed with a short operation time and minimal incision, allowing quick recovery with little swelling or bruising, and natural results with almost
    no postoperative scars.

Brighter Eyes UP!

Brighter & Pretty with DA’s Ptosis Correction

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