Non-incision Lifting that improves skin elasticity

Elasticum Lifting

actress Kim Hye Sun

How effective is non-
incisional lifting?

Using special needle with gridlines
To precisely lift up SMAS layer
and improve Deep wrinkles

Lift up all your wrinkles
Elasticum Lifting

Elasticum Lifting

Long Lasting Skin Elasticity
Without incision

Elasticum thread that has strong elasticity are
used with special needle to prolong the lifting

Check the video for Elasticum’s strong elasticity

DA Elasticum Lifting
Even the detailed facial expressions
is natural

  • Does not disturb skin movement with strong elasticity feature
  • Act as ligament inside the skin and improve facial elasticity muscle
  • Very natural touch and feeling

Standard thread forcefully lift the skin
So skin can be sunken in or unnaturally lifted

Elasticum lifting will
stably combine with the inner skin tissues to apply lifting effect

ELASTICUM’s Structure

Elasticum is a silicon thread that is made very thinly and closely
wrapped with polyester into the form of a net and it is very safe
and stable when combined with tissue

ELASTICUM Lifting due to its strong elasticity characteristic
Lifting effect are more long lasting than standard lifting.

  • 5 ~ 10 years
  • Thread Insertion in SMAS layer
  • Lift up large skin surface
  • Sustainability
  • Insertion Method
  • Lifting Method
  • 6 months to 1 year
  • Insert under skin layer
  • Lift up skin in line

Elasticum Lifting areas

Unlike standard threads,
Elasticum is very soft and have strong elasticity

Therfore, Lifting procedures are possible
for both sagging breasts and hips.

Elasticum Lifting LIVE on TV

Real Elasticum lifting procedure results1 2

Elasticum Before & After

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