Surgery that returns the
nose to initial state
without any damage

DA's Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty

Is removing the previous
for a revision rhinoplasty?


During operation, if the previous capsule* is not removed,
the result will be not satisfying and
Another Revision Surgery might be necessary.

* What is a capsule?
It is A Membrane That Covers An Implant
Form after inserting an implant in the body

The Capsule Should Be Removed without Any Damage

The Capsule Should Be Removed without Any Damage

You’ll get a sophisticated nose
without occurring of capsular
contracture and inflammation by
removing the previous nose capsule

DA’s Revision Rhinoplasty Solution
DA’s Revision Rhinoplasty Solution

Removing capsule according
To each patients’ skin condition

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DA’s Revision Rhinoplasty Solutio
DA’s Revision Rhinoplasty Solution

Through Camouflage Know-How Only at DA
change your previous blunt nose line into
beautiful and natural nose line

What’s Camouflage technique?
It is a surgical method that Makes The Wide Nose Bridge smooth by trimming

What Am I Supposed To Do With My Droopy Nose Tip

“What Am I Supposed To Do With My Droopy Nose Tip?”

For maintaining the beautiful tip,
2 Layers of Nose Tip Cartilage
must be fixated

DA’s Revision Rhinoplasty
DA’s Revision Rhinoplasty

DA Revision Rhinoplasty will
Remove The Previous Capsule Without Any
so that you will have a dramatic
improvement with natural nose shape

DA’s Solution for Revision Rhinoplasty

DA’s Solution for Revision Rhinoplasty!

  • Remove the previous capsule without any damage
  • Camouflage technique for a smoother nose bridge
  • Fixate 2 layers of the septum cartilage for the droopy nose tip
Do you regret your past rhinoplasty?

Do you regret your past rhinoplasty?

Fix it to Natural and Beautiful
Nose Line

With DA revision rhinoplasty

  • Droopy Nose Tip
  • Deviated Nose
  • Capsular Contracture
  • Visible Implant
  • Wide Nose shape
Beautiful Nose Line

Be the Prettiest
Women You
Know By

Beautiful Nose Line
Only At DA


Revision Rhinoplasty

For revision rhinoplasty the surgeon must
remove the capsule from previous
surgery without any damage

The capsule from previous surgery
must be removed for
Natural and Beautiful Nose Shape