Safe Anesthesia Center
Safe, Successful Surgery Starts with Anesthesia Care
DA Safe Anesthesia
Monitoring System
9 Anesthesiologistsin house
Scared of Anesthesia?
 Don’t worry. DA Anesthesia is very safe !
9 Anesthesiologists in house

Real-time Monitoring of All Operations!

DA Anesthesiologists

9 Anesthesiologists reside in DA Plastic Surgery.
1:1 anesthesia system for all operations.
DA Anesthesiologists Qualification
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Why Anesthesiologists
in house is Important?

The amount of anesthetic should be different depends on patient’s physical condition
and past medical history. An anesthesiologist, a resident in hospital is very important
to determine and perform anesthesia according to the patient’s condition.
Is it over with just an anesthetic?
A Real-Time Depth of Anesthesia Monitoring System for Safer and Safer Surgery.
DA Anesthesia chart

DA Real-Time Depth of
Anesthesia Monitoring System

DA is Safe!
Check the patient’s condition in real time!

The patient’s blood pressure, pulse rate, and blood oxygen
saturation are monitored in real-time. It prevents emergency
situations that may occur during surgery
by entering
and analyzing anesthesia charts.

<< DA Anesthesia chart
Consultation Surgery After Surgery
DA is safe because a dedicated
medical staffs are working together.
DA Plastic Surgery brresponsible system
for consultation, surgery and post-operative progress.
You can check the surgery information
through the dedicated medical staff.

Aiming for safe plastic surgery
DA Safe Anesthesia Monitoring System

The DA Plastic Surgery has the belief that safety is a priority.
We will always do our best for patient-centered treatment with an honest and honest heart.