Responsibility System

High-quality before and after management system

A real surgeon name identification system and
dedicated responsible professional consultant.

Please contact dedicated professional
for post-operative care!
I’m not sure if the surgeon
I met is doing the surgery.
I would like to check his
medical information…
Is there a CCTV in the O.R.?
I heard there is a lot of
hospitals that don’t care
after the surgery.
I hope my consultant
takes good care of meTT

DA Smart Responsibility System
Safe and Secure Surgery

before and after
Professional consultants before and after surgery

DA Plastic Surgery Clinic will provide each patient with a 1:1 consultant care system.
Then a dedicated consultant will be responsible from the beginning to the end of plastic surgery.

A real name
A real name surgeon identification system

At DA, a dedicated plastic surgeon will be responsible for each patient from consultation
to surgery and postoperative care. No ghost doctor with a real surgeon name system.

DA Responsibility System #1

Plastic Surgery Group Chat ...
Plastic Surgery Group Chat (42)
I revisited hospital after the surgery,
but my consultant quit
… omogshh…
Before the surgery, they always called me
and told me to book a surgery… but..
I couldn’t meet my consultant after the
surgery because she said she were in
consultation and busy.
They don’t response after the surgery
DA is Different! Please check out
[DA Responsibility System] 1:1 pre-op
consultant and post-op coordinator care

Professional consultant before and after surgery


Pre-op consultation with
Professional consultant

  • #Consultant
  • #Surgery expert
  • #Fast response

Post-op care with
Professional coordinator

  • #1:1care
  • #Recovery
  • #Medical staff

Surgeon, Consultant, Care Coordinator in Charge
DA Responsibility System

in charge
  • Controls the entire process of pre and post operative
    consultation, surgery plan, and progress
  • A real name surgeon identification system
  • 1:1 Pre-op consultation
  • Arrange consultation
    and surgery date
Post Surgery
  • 1:1 Post-op care
  • Management after

Pre-op consultation
with consultant
Post-op care
with coordinator

DA Plastic Surgery Clinic operates a separate professional consultant team and a post-operative
care team
to contribute to the improvement of patient satisfaction before and after surgery.

DA responsibility system is an upgraded post-op care system from an old hospital system,
which was difficult to respond directly to patients’ calls and visits.
The system features fast response and professional care.

We promise that we will be responsible from the beginning
to the end of the plastic surgery process.
  • preoperative consultant

  • No ghost doctors! A real name
    surgeon identification system

  • 1:1 Dedicated care
    coordinator system

  • Postoperative care/recovery
    team response

DA Responsibility System #2

A real name surgeon identification system

Check before entering the consultation room on the 8th and 9th floors!

Please ensure the information!

Check before entering the surgery room on the 11th and 12th floors!

Check medical staff information at a glance to
see if the doctor you consulted is the same as
the doctor you are operating with
Consultation Surgery After Surgery
DA is safe because dedicated medical staffs
are working together!

DA Responsibility System
Free the mind from Anxiety!

Responsibility System

DA Plastic Surgery Clinic responsible system for consultation, surgery and post-operative progress.

Check Medical Staff Information /
before and after surgery

DA Smart

DA Plastic Surgery Clinic responsible system for consultation, surgery and post-operative progress.
You can check the surgery information through the dedicated medical staff.


Gangnam Station Teheran-ro
Large Safety Building B1~12F
Large-scale medical system

DA Building is a large-scale single building that specializes in consultation, treatment,
surgery, and recovery on each floor.

We have completed systematic collaboration and state-of-the-art facilities to provide medical services with high satisfaction to our customers.

  1. 01

    Stylish interior Private waiting space

  2. 02

    Accurate inspection through advanced equipment and establish a surgical plan

  3. 03

    Systematic surgery plan guidance through 1:1 customized consultation

  4. 04

    Construction of advanced safety system equipment and optimization of aseptic surgery

  5. 05

    Equipped with hotel-class hospitalization rooms for comfortable recovery