High Elves
Facial Contouring

Like high elves’ Magic Without incision,
Without scarring, Without Bone Surgery
Get Perfect V-line in one day

Completion of small and gorgeous face line
DA High Elves Facial Contouring!

  1. Elves Magic 01

    Improve sagging
    face line
    make it smoother!

  2. Elves Magic 02

    Remove your
    double chin

    and form a more
    distinct face line!

  3. Elves Magic 03

    Creates V-line
    by narrowing
    frontal chin!

What is
DA High Elves Facial Contouring?

  1. PONIT

    Uses Collagen
    thread that is both
    safe and effective!

  2. PONIT

    Can remove the
    excessive muscle
    + fat together
    without surgery

  3. PONIT

    Improve the overall
    face contour
    following the
    Golden Ratio

  4. PONIT

    Create natural
    v-line by increasing
    the elasticity of the
    skin like magic

What?! You only did
DA High Elves Facial contouring!
and become this pretty?

High Elves Facial Contouring
Before & After

  • Before After
  • Before After
  • Before After
  • Before After